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One2One Risk Solutions
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One2One Risk Solutions

A comprehensive, web-based administrative platform designed for schools to fund and manage accidental loss and damage to their school-issued 1:1 electronic devices.

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How It Works

How does the program work?

Schools enrolling in One2One Risk Solutions offer their students and parents the opportunity to pay a modest annual fee in exchange for a waiver of the full financial responsibility of a loss, subject to a reasonable deductible.

How do I enroll my school-issued device in the program?

Once your school is set up in the program, you will be able to enroll your device by pressing the Enroll My Device button above.

What information will I need before I register?

All you will need is the name of your School and your Student ID Number.

How much does the damage waiver cost?

The school sets the rate based on several factors including the number of devices issued, the value of each individual device, anticipated losses, and a consideration for how claims will be managed.

What happens if I have a loss?

Contact your School for further instructions on how to report a claim. You will be directed back to this site to pay any applicable deductible.

What is covered under the damage waiver?

Most loss and damage to your school-issued device is covered subject to the following typical exclusions:
- Any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal acts.
- An additional loss caused by the failure to use all reasonable means to protect the device after it has been damaged.
- Any loss to software, data, multimedia, or other personal information that has been placed on the device.
- Disappearance of device not reported to law enforcement.
- Any use not in accordance with school policies and procedures.

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